How We Help 

Create. Communicate. Activate.

About Us

Creative Solutions 

The Hipsetter Group works with clients to develop tailored strategies and content that boost your business, break through barriers and accelerate success.

Clear Communications

We can help you define and share your internal and external stories. Targeted communication transforms your business stories to get people inspired and onboard.


Our team is nimble and responsive. We can help you navigate changes, including post-Covid 19, from your communication strategy to the relaunch of your business.

Since 2009, The Hipsetter Group has emerged as a trusted marketing, sales strategy and communications agency.  Based on the Space Coast, we are inspired by the “can do” attitude of space exploration and driven by our desire to help clients transcend to new heights by developing the best strategies to grow their business and amplify their stories.

What We Offer

Marketing & Branding

The Hipsetter Group works directly with you  to understand objectives, core company values and passion projects. We create the right strategy to impact the business and your brand.


We offer clients a wide range of strategic communications services including media strategy and PR, content development, crisis communications and internal communications.

Sales Strategy

The Hipsetter Group works with you to develop and implement strategies to position or re-tool business development teams to accelerate performance and success.

Talent Management

We believe in the power of storytelling through art and we specialize in connecting businesses and brands with talented artists who best represent their vision.

Content Development

The Hipsetter Group can help create high impact content to meet your objectives, from launching podcasts to creating video productions for branding and communication campaigns.


We know what it takes to create highly impactful events that deliver your company's message and achieve your goals.  We can help - from launch events to consumer events to corporate events.

We live at the intersection of
Technology, Consciousness, Culture and Capital

We can help:

Launch new categories or products

Reposition products and brands

Provide clear and concise communications

Create authentic and relevant content

We believe our stories outlive us...


We’ve worked with emerging businesses and leading brands around the world, from Fortune 500 companies to community based businesses. We partner with our clients to gain competitive differentiation, forge new paths in the marketplace, and transform audacious goals into reality.

Marsha Lewis, Hipsetter Group founder
Marsha Lewis, Founder

Marsha Lewis

Marsha Lewis is the Founder and President of The Hipsetter Group.  She has over 25 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies in developing and implementing strategies to accelerate performance and success. Marsha honed her skills while working on the executive teams at Live Nation, Clear Channel Radio and Omnicom Group.   She has the ability to merge old school thinking with new school ideas. Marsha creates programs that satisfy the needs of both conservative boardroom executives and forward thinking, futuristic teams.  Marsha also serves as Executive Vice President of BMT LLC, a company that specializes in turnaround management and outsource C-Suite executive services.  She has a Master's in Strategic Communications from Columbia University.